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Great discounts on Coffee Blends

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french & espresso

or lighter bodied American style roast such as our house blend.

Our classic style & proprietary coffee blends are roasted daily, fresh to order. We have been perfecting our carefully crafted proprietary blends for over 90 years. We have decades of experiencing in bringing out the full flavor and character of our beans. We offer a blend for every taste.

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Chesapeake Blend

The quintessential mariners blend. Wake up with this complex coffee...

Price: $9.99 per lb.

Dutch Blend

Our Dutch blend is a coffee of contrast. The combination...

Price: $10.99 per lb.

Organic Breakfast Blend

Wake up with this very distinctive punch. This blend is...

Price: $12.88 per lb.

Seattle Style Roast

Sumatra, Colombia and Brazil coffee beans are perfectly blended and...

Price: $10.15 per lb.

Breakfast Blend

Start the day with our Breakfast Blend and enjoy a...

Price: $9.89 per lb.